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01 / 10 / 2005 ------- 06 / 06 / 2015
It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of my special Labrador Shelley on 6th June 2015.

She was my cover girl for both the books, I authored
For the last four years Shelley was very sensitive to different foods – Yeast, oil or too rich. Eventually she was vomiting almost daily.

Extensive medical tests and food experiments did not uncover the cause for her illness.

She lost too much weight and was in great pain ----------- So she was put down on Saturday 6th June 2015.
Shelley is buried at Broadlands Horse Stud farm in Somerset West.

I will always love you Shelley!!

Rest in peace Baby Girl….



Having a dog to talk to when you live alone is a great source of pleasure.

For most dog owners, their dogs are not just pets but a much loved family member. Some people do not have the comfort of family or close friend, their dog become like their own child or best friend. A dog’s love is unconditional and has been proven to be therapeutic to the elderly and sick.

Taking a dog for a walk encourages the owner to get out of the house and enjoy exercise in the park or on the beach. This action is also beneficial as both owner and dog will meet other likewise people and the dogs will socialize. For an elderly person to own a dog, the benefits are numerous – company and exercise.

When these family members leave us either through sickness or old age, we need to say goodbye. This new website will honour and remember all our wonderful dogs who have gone before us.

OCTOBER 1999  -   18TH DECEMBER  2010

Bastian was at the Animal Welfare kennels in Phillipi, Cape Town. He was about 4 months old and had been found wandering the streets as he had been dumped. I adopted him without a second thought. Obviously the book / movie “Marley and me” had not been introduced or maybe I would have had second thoughts. Entertaining, loving, exhausting, destructive, are a few of the  adjectives I could use (especially destructive) but once we had worked through the “puppy stage” (5 years) he was the best. Bastian developed epilepsy at the age of seven years and was on strong medication for the rest of his life. When I introduced another member of the family to Bastian (a seven week old Labrador female puppy) he took on the role of educator and best friend. Shelley (the puppy) was house trained by Bastian before she was even nine weeks old.

Shelley and Bastian became partners in crime and were always together even on their daily walks, chasing squirrels or swimming in the dam on the farm. In November 2002 Bastian was seen at the SPCA Wiggle Waggle Walkathon by a talent scout. He was used in several adverts, calendar and a film. He really earned his keep!

My love for this dog scared me as also my Mother. She said that she hoped that he would outlive her as she didn’t want to be around when Bastian died. She died two years before him. I now would like to think that they are together in heaven looking down and laughing at the times I am having with both Shelley and Benson (another rescue Labrador).

Thank you Bastian for bringing so much happiness and love into my life! Rest in peace my beautiful boy until we meet again. You are in my prayers!

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